about me

my philosophy:

In my schooldays I was ok at simplicity but not at complexity.

The process of the evolution of the world goes from simple to complex.

What could be simpler than nothing?

What could be simpler than only one thing, not yet separated from itself?

Not yet separated from itself by what?

Not yet separated from itself by nothing – what else? This Nothing is the most dangerous thing in the world; but it’s not a thing, and it’s not in the world.

my work:

I am more than six decades old, fifty percent older than I was when I published Handbook of Existence in 1996.

It was called Handbook of Existence because it said how to make the world. To make the world, you take only one thing and nothing and mix them together and you have the world – only one thing separated from itself by nothing.

It also said how to make society; to make society, you take half of men’s power from them and you give it to women, where it becomes women’s right not to have sex. You have to be Patriarchy to do this.

The disc containing the original book got corrupted, so I had to take the book apart physically and scan it in for this website. It is corrupted still; I haven’t been able to correct it completely.

As far as I know, there has been only one review of this book; it appeared in the publication Books Ireland, and I reproduce that review here without comment.

An altered version of the book, updated to make it navigable, is no longer available for free download on this site but is being prepared for publication as an e-book.